Top 5 Points To Keep In Mind While Using Disinfectant Wipes In Your Home

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When the time gets tough, the tough get going. You might have read this quote somewhere in your life. It is the case right now, with COVID-19 still hovering around like a danger sign, people are having OCD of compulsive cleaning, and it’s the need of the hour. To overcome this problem, we have disinfectant wipes available in the market. They are in high demand just after the sanitizers and rubbing gloves. Get rid of the germs and viruses from your home, use disinfectant wipes is the ideal choice. But it’s not simple to brush any surface with a wipe, and the job gets done. Doing it properly makes a real difference. 

How Disinfectant Wipes Work?

Disinfectant wipes take several minutes to work and kill off germs. The word kill here is important when you are using other things like soap, water that only reduces the germs but not necessarily kills them. And this is the difference between sanitizing & disinfecting the surface. I know the next question you have in your mind, does disinfect wipes kill coronavirus? Many wipes do, but when they say disinfectant, don’t assume that they kill coronavirus. You can be sure by checking the label, what germs can the disinfectant wipes kill. For this, you can look for coronavirus on the label. Various EPA-registered disinfectants can kill the coronavirus. 

Points To Keep In Mind Using Disinfectant Wipes In Your Home

  • Clean one surface at a time

When using disinfectant wipes, use them on only one surface and dispose of them. Don’t make the mistake of using one disinfectant wipe and clean handles, doorknobs, and everything with the same wipe. The problem with using a single wipe is the risk of spreading germs from one surface to another. Ensure the compatibility of wipe with the type of surface, check the label of the disinfectant wipe. Most wipes are safe to use on non-porous, hard surfaces like sealed granite, fiberglass, etc but are not safe to use on worn or unfinished surfaces. Do test it on a small area before proceeding with full cleaning, check for there is no discoloration on the surface. 

  • Do not use wipes after the expiration date

Are you checking the expiration date of the disinfectant wipes? Many labels don’t mention any expiration dates, it doesn’t mean that you can use the disinfectant for as long as possible. Disinfectant wipes have an approximate life of 2 years. After the expiration date, it’s suggested that they are not effective in killing germs. If there is no expiration date mentioned on the label, you can check it via their scent. 

  • Let the solution present on the surface for a little longer

After you wipe any item, the general rule is to leave it for 5 minutes. We quickly wipe off and it doesn’t kill any germs and in the long run, it’s only a waste of disinfectant wipes. Each brand is different, so check for labels for the exact time., you need to see the wetness on the item. Also, keep in mind to not quickly rub the antibacterial agent present in the wipes as it’s no correct way to use the product. 

  • Disinfect most-touched areas on a routine basis

Disinfectant wipes deliver 99.9% results, killing the germs effectively. But, we forget, if a sick person comes and touches the area even after a minute, they will leave the germs behind again. So, it becomes necessary to disinfect it regularly when at home. If all that cleaning sounds so complex, you can try seventh generation disinfecting wipes that help with sanitization against bacteria for almost 10 hours. 

  • Use wipes like a pro at home

Finally, using disinfectant wipes looks easy but if you want that clean and neat look for your home. Using them effectively is the solution, here are the points to use disinfectant wipes property: 

  1. Remove any grease from the surface you want to disinfect. It’s cleaned with the help of warm water and a cleaner. The disinfectant wipes won’t work on the grease that is already present on the counters. 
  1. The moisture level of the wipes has to be on point. If they are dry, they won’t offer much support, and disinfecting properties won’t work as promised. 
  1. Let the disinfectant applied for at least 10 minutes on the surface, this is the ideal time for them to work. 

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